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So, here’s the story of my lip enhancement via injected fillers: The clinic is at Apgujeong station, exit four. I forget the name; I asked DoK but then I exited out of our chat by accident. Oops.

The doctor is really nice, and doesn’t try to suggest you get any procedures but the ones you’ve come to ask about ~and even then, he tells you exactly what you need, nothing else.

So. Tuesday I met up with DoK and we headed to the clinic. The top picture above is of my lips before the procedure. They put numbing cream on my lips. A lot of it. Yes, it looks like exactly what you’re thinking of. So I kept that on for 20 or so minutes, after which they brought me into the surgery room.

I was injected with a local anaesthetic.  Ouch. I felt something drip down my cheek, and, having had that at the dentist before, assumed it to be saliva.  So I laughed because that’s generally embarassing, but when the doctor brought the tissue back from my face where he’d wiped, I saw that it was blood. Ew and awkward all at once.  

And then the fun began. By fun, I mean that needles were shoved into my lips, positioned, and then the filler was injected. The worst part was the movement. He had to push the needle all the way to the other side of my lip at times, which brought tears to my eyes every time. He showed me a mirror, asked me what I thought and said he thought the top lip should be a bit plumper.  And then he started again.

After that, we finished and that’s when I took the third picture ~~a few minutes after the procedure. The next photo was about an hour after—I’d been in the cold, which kept the swelling down. Later that night (fifth pic) you can see it was starting to swell.

The pic with the scarf is from Wednesday afternoon. They were CRAZY swollen in the morning. I’m talking duck lips. This is improvement from then. Ugh.
The picture before that shows the slight bruising I had and have; the inside corner, some on the bottom, and just under the lip.

The last pic is from this morning. Still a bit swollen, so uneven, but pretty good so far ~~


  1. krapaiiets said: i think it’ll look great when its all gone down. BTW its YEJIN PLASTIC SURGERY right off of Apgujeong station exit 4. I can take ppl if they want.
  2. the-voyage-never-ends said: The description made my toes curl. Braver than me!
  3. pattyfingersintheholywater said: Looks really good!
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